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Highest Tandem Jump in Southern California 18‚000ft,Awesome Ocean Views,Gift Certificates Available

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Standard Jump

Our Standard Tandem Skydive is from 13,000ft, (500ft higher than our competitors). This jump gives you a full 60 seconds of free fall! Or you can upgrade your experience to the highest tandem jump in the United States from 18,000ft!

World's Highest Tandem

We are the only dropzone in Southern California to offer the world's highest tandem jump from 18,000ft, 7 days a week. This jump is soooo high you will be given supplemental oxygen on the ride up.

Capture Your Jump With Video

Don't miss the opportunity to record your skydiving experience. Your instructor wears a specially designed wrist camera that captures high definition footage of your freefall on a convenient flash drive.

Skydive Santa Barbara is the drop zone of choice for the entertainment industry. Featured in numerous TV and Film productions around the world including: The Shahs of Sunset, MTV's The Real Word, American Express (Commercial), and Sky 1. Most recently, Skydive Santa Barbara assisted in the production of the blockbuster hit San Andreas, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Experience the thrill of a lifetime when you go sky diving! Better yet, skydive near Los Angeles and get a dynamic ocean view. Skydive Santa Barbara is the only center for skydiving in the Los Angeles area to offer tandem skydiving jumps from 18,000 feet. Make the jump with family and friends and you will all receive special group pricing; discounts also offered to students, military personnel and seniors.

You’ve always wanted to sky dive; what are you waiting for? Skydiving in California is an experience like no other. Book your jump online to reserve a spot!